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Saturday, November 27, 2010

bringing back the past....

Nothing to brag about, really. Jus for reminiscing.Just for laughs gags.

ego is a (L)Attitude

ego is a LousyAttitude. overconfident(-ve)+pride(-ve)=ego Simple mathematics resulting ego to be a very negative value, a very unsatisfactory and bad figure or simply lousy.

ego is a LastingAttitude. Unwilling to change or stubborn eventually increase the ego in one. Not only does the ego multiplies and grows yet is buried deeply in one self that it would take forever to dig all out. length(l) directly proportional with time(t)

ego is a LostAttitude. The ego in one eventually leads to underestimating everything in the world and exaggerating sense of self-importance. Imagine 7 8 9 and the 7 showing off to other numbers after 8ing 9, which badly humiliates 9 without considering its own value is in fact smaller than 9. Wake up seven, are u lost? learn up ur numerical order.
ego is a leastAttitude. Lowest in important or rank when it comes to personal attributes. Smallest in magnitude or degree when it comes to Latitude of morality. Slightest or thiniest when it comes to beneficial of life.

Ego is measured in a LAtitude manner which is the angular distance north or south of the human’s equator, measured in degrees along human meridian, as on the human portion himself. So measure the ego in you and realise it before it exceeds the limit. In fact a humble person should result in a pure zero value. any numbers beyond zero, repent and transform.


God is fair. nobody was born with anything. it all started from zero. even in a set of increasing posiive or negative integers, it starts from zero. is the multiplication and power that matters. perhaps u claim that as unfair? well i think is more to luck. lucky enuff, u get great power series that multiplied into huge integers added directly from your zero or inversely, not to say bad luck, maybe slightly less luck, u hav a tiny multiplication. the point is, so what? don;t tell me ur whole life jus depend on the luck the minute u were born? there is nothing to be blamed if u were born with small r(ratio btw terms) and similiarly, nothing to be proud of if u have big r. back to the 1st sentence God is fair. u have the rest of life to change ur luck! yeah either to change it from bad to good or vice versa. that i find it pretty fair. in this case, life is neither arithmetic nor geometric series. it has a non-static value of r. u have the right to decide ur own r. example, bill gates himself was a great proof here. he started with a small r and guess what now? even a mathematician has doubts calculating the r which is increasing by seconds.. n is that by luck? just be wise, if ur smart, congrats ur on ur way to gain wisdom. if ur not smart, then fill ur cup with knowledge, is important in life. then apply, utilise, control it. think intelligently,learn experiencely.

choose while u can. know what ur doin n make sure is worth the effort. dun waste and start appreciate ur time. make an increment to your r, let ur series grow to infinity…may it be anything positvie. as long as it grows. remember u only succeed when ur really far from the zero u once had..and in this game u never fails (not even till u drop to negative) cos anytime u can hit up to thrillions!! never try never know..never know never learn, never learn never experience, never experience never grow, never grow REMAINS ZERO

It’s my life

the one decision u made, when u believe, will eventually change your whole life. now i couldn’t imagine myself in the picture i used to be anymore. not even my reflection. i have got a whole new world framed and hung in a locked room. yes, i have decided to get high and stay on with it. no changes can be made. 1234567, to the count of 7, the key to the room was thrown under the sea. i remember i kept a spare key on top of the world. to reach it, i have to get to the top. no more encore. oh, shut up, i said no encore. if u think you are a better man, then take on my job to heal the world. people said you are a hero, i don’t agree because i believe i can fly, for someday i will be higher and when the day comes i would make you say "can’t take my eyes off from you".

continue strive on and on. very soon u can get to your key and begin to paint the rest of your life all over again. whether to swim n dive into the deep deep sea or fly up the high high sky to get back the key. which is easier? you decide….

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010


Scene 1
"pak cik, ini berapa?"


"kurang sikit la pak cik"

"dah banyak kurang la, ini dari china, banyak tahan lasak"

Scene 2
walking into one of the designer's bag shop, u see a similar bag which you were negotiating earlier on the price in the wet market. The catch is, the price difference.

Which would you possibly get? Some would rather get a knockoff designer bag, hoping no one would recognize it for what it actually is, whereas for those who hates intellectual property theft, they wouldn't mind spending more even if it cost them to stuff over bread alone for the next couple of months. In short, is it worth it?

Diff people has diff desires in life, where fulfilling those desires simply add to their satisfactions and marking it another great day in their life. The only point to consider is whether if it's worthwhile. In fact, it's not even something to be considered at all, if it's really worth the money and time and effort.

Desire + satisfaction = worthwhile
time + money + effort = desire + satisfaction

worthwhile = OR != time + money + effort

If it's something that keep you wondering if it's worthwhile, it is most possibly not. Hesitations that aroused could be due to the blurry picture which has yet to reveal itself in your mind. After what we have been through, i am puzzled to find out that the picture remains black and white.

Since i have committed myself to finish painting the picture, i am totally held responsible to match the picture with suitable colours to ensure the end result is beautiful. However, I cant be living in a one way street. Tho i am artistic, 2nd point of view and help is very much needed to make the best picture out of it. Despite all the disputes we have on the colours, shadings, picture contrasts, brightness and tones, we know very well how significant this picture should be painted in order to put a genuine smile on our face at the end of the hard work.

What goes around, comes around. Things can be really simple and happy, with just one simple word.

Well i like it in blue, what do you think?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ctrl tab

it's been a while....since..

i took control
i have written here
i went wild with my pretty babes
i was in penang
i had mom's home cook food
i had kaya butter toast + cheese for my breakfast
i ordered dominos
i had cravings for tomyam
i ate sushi
i took nap during the day
i shopped madly
i hit the pool
i sang in the ktv
i went on a wonderful holiday
i had tiger
i lied by the beach
i heard from him
i have fallen in love
i missed someone
i held your hands
i had him in mind
i met someone
i drawn close to you
i fulfilled my commitments
i served you wholeheartedly
i pampered myself, enough.

But..... they are returning. The feelings and desires i once had and lost (had and lost...had..lost..lost..had....), are arousing and overwhelming me. I don't know where would this go from here. -positive or negative, happiness or sadness, sunny or stormy, black or white, hello or farewell, I just know that I need to


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Is appearance important?

APPEARance is exactly the image you appear to others which lead to them having some thoughts and hence creating an image of you in them. "DUH"

Ever count how many times u looked into your own reflections in a day? I always tried to do the counting.. like..
wakes up ..walk to mirror.. count of 1
brush teeth..look at mirror.. count of 2
go toilet..look at mirror.. count of 3
out from toilet.. look at mirror.. count of 4
back in room.. stare into the mirror.. count of 5
get dress up.. look into the mirror again.. count of 6
apply facial products/lip bump/gloss.. look at mirror.. count of 7
before leave room..look at mirror..count of 8
before entering the car.. see own reflections.. count of 9
in the car..look at mirror.. bla bla..
bla bla..
mirror mirror
then i lost count.

Next day i reset and do the countings again. Then i lost count again. Forget it!

Yes indeed. Appearance is hell important. Caring for your appearance is like caring about what,how,where,which,when and who you appear to be. Most people tend to think that having physically good looks will make the best appearance. Well, this is actually a fact, but are you going to penalized those that are not in the category?

Whoever you are, or how you probably look like physically, really doesnt matter. Cause appearance is not plainly THE LOOKS, but is what,how,where,which,when and who you are and behave to be.

Having the good looks is an advantage but it definitely won't award you the best appearance each time, it is the attractiveness or interestingness that enables you to influence others and create a good impression in them. A nice appearance should be created with own formulations ( imagine blending jennifer anniston's beauty with einstein's brain, lol..dream on? ) or by wearing desirable masks (either anniston or einstein, depending on situation). How I also wish that things are as easy as gulping the formulated drinks or changing a wardrobe of masks every day.

SO just appear, as who you wish to appear: Build your own charisma, shape your own personality, establish your own charm, and make the best appearance!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

鄭秀文 - 上帝早已預備

I wish someday I would do the same, probably not by singing, but through the real talent that is embedded in me... ( but who knows? probably i have a talent to sing also, which is yet to be discovered =P )
Everyone is gifted in their own ways.. It all depends on the individual on how determined they are to discover their talents and use it to glorify, honour and praise Him eternally.

Matt 6:10- Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.